Kait (rosietherocker) wrote in jennysdarkplace,


Heres one from a long time ago...

Tauruschick03: but the squirl should've been wearing some boots
sftbalizme19: red boots
sftbalizme19: with yellow bows on the tows
sftbalizme19: lmao that rhymee
sftbalizme19: *rhymed
Tauruschick03: hahaha
Tauruschick03: it's a start!
Tauruschick03: yay!
sftbalizme19: lol wow
sftbalizme19: and it was carrying a purse to carry his nuts in
Tauruschick03: ohh we're getting somewhere, what'd the purse look like?
sftbalizme19: no no no, not a purse one of those plastic grocery bags
sftbalizme19: how about its a redneck squirl and it has a mullet
Tauruschick03: oh! awesome!!
Tauruschick03: does he have a beer?
sftbalizme19: yes! its carrying a six pack in one paw and his nut sack in the other
sftbalizme19: oh shit that came out bad
Tauruschick03: you just said nut sack
Tauruschick03: you said nut sack
Tauruschick03: omg
Tauruschick03: that was so funny
sftbalizme19: i didnt mean to!!
Tauruschick03: i swear that was the best thing
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That was so awesome!!
Ah! It so was!
When was that anyway? A long time ago, thats for sure...
Hm... definitely during freshmen year... during softball maybe? So that was almost 2 years ago?? Crazy!!